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tv   [untitled]    September 25, 2012 6:00am-6:30am PDT

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moment. >> thank you, yeah. >> it is very impressive. >> thank you. >> i would like to have steve ruehl come up and give our construction update. good morning, commissioners. steve ruehl with turner construction providing construction oversight. it's been three months since we last spoke. a lot has changed. see if we can get to the first slide. there we go. good news is, there were no recordable incidents, no near-miss, no sitting even first aid events in the last couple months. that is great, considering the number of craft hours. we are up over 430,000 total craft hours after demolition since the transbay center work has begun. that equates between 220 and 230 workers on site every day, five days a week. some of those are extra
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shifts around the clock but that is what we are averaging right now. it's a lot of people out there. they are doing a great job keeping things under control. the bse contractor, the excavation contractor doing the buttress work completed 128 buttresses through the end of august. that is, what, about 36 more than from the last time we presented. in fact, three more were completed last week, so that is actually -- one more this week, four more on top of that. they are moving along well. it was a year ago to yesterday we first started drilling the buttress shafts, first pour was september of 2011, so we on schedule. excavation continues in zones 1, 2 and now 3. we have pictures of that.
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other significant events, when we presented in june we talked about how successful the first street traffic bridge installation was, we did that over the weekend with fremont street. they finished nearly 30 hours ahead of schedule. they opened it late sunday instead of tuesday, the deadline. everybody did a great job. the next big change will be the below grade structural package which will be out for bid, comes in the end of the week, which is tomorrow. which is good. weeks going quick. that will be incorporating the geo thermal and grounding package. there you will see a big uptick and change from the crafts and operators, so that will be a milestone in the project. coming up in the next 90 days, hopefully the next board meeting that below-grade package will be for you for your approval.
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we are looking still to do the beale street traffic bridge in november over the long veteran's day weekend. continue to work on the buttress area. we should be able to be right on schedule. the next milestone is to have 162 shafts completed by the end of november. that would mean 34 more shafts -- 30 more i guess since we have completed four since i did the tally. the excavation, of course, is going to continue on into zone three and the access trestle work will continue to zone three, the center section. the overall time line for the project, we are still in the excavation phase but you can see the below grade package coming online shortly, followed by super structure and on in to the completion. currently with bs & e work the pre-trenching cdsm, a good majority more than half buttress work is completed. two out of three traffic
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bridges are completed, excavation is well underway. we are right on the time line we had set for completion of all the bse work by early part of 2014. gives you a site overview, the red line represents a trestle. one of the things as we have connected that zone. the contractor has connected that into the first street bridge, which gives them full access in and out for their trucks, making the route easier to manage. there's no ramps coming up the side. it is a little better for traffic people concerned. that access trestle will continue into zone three in the coming months. this is a new graphic that's being maintained, managed for us by the program management office. well farce go has done a great job mapping as it progresses. you can see the darker color represents the deeper hole. down in the southwest corner so that is the far southwest corner of the
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project closest to howard near second, they are at the deepest, they are almost bottomed out with four levels of shoring. in very short time we will be bottomed out in that corner and moving out from there with the rest of the excavation. we will maintain this and start adding the other zones or it will probably have to be on more than one graphic but to give you an idea how the progress is going. you can see the tremendous change from the end of may and early june on the left to where we are right now. the trellis -- access trestle is completed all the way to first street. fremont street is on the bridge. this was taken after the long labor day weekend. got photos of the work going on and excavation. in zone one at the deepest point you can see the equipment working. to refresh your memories,
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they put heavy equipment down in the bottom of the hole. the scrapers and the dozers. they pile the dirt up and extend the reach. the excavator is able to bring the dirt to the surface and put in it the trucks and progress. they can work multiple shifts, stockpiling or trucking where it doesn't impact the traffic and keep moving right along. the internal bracing continues. you can see the multiple levels of that down in zone one. the big change in area two. this is the access bridge completed to first there are shots of that being worked on. down in zone four -- just wanted to clarify, this was where the woolly mammoth tooth was found in the buttress operation, which is why it would be hard to get down to the 110-foot
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level and do anymore exploring. we have put the archaeologists associated -- they have put operators through a training program to help them identify archaeological things. not sure they have gone through paleontologist training but they were obviously aware when he pulled this up. we are happy he called everybody's attention. that happened on buttress 4 near the drills and they will continue to look at the spoils that continue to come out in the surrounding areas, maybe we will find some more. there's the completion chart on the buttress. of course 207 is goal, with 128. now 132 in place. we just keep ticking away. again, that is on schedule. give you a shot. one of the part of the process every month or so is for the quality control team to core the shafts and
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look at the concrete and test the concrete in the shaft to make sure that the melding of the two together is done correctly, as well as the concrete being consistent throughout the shaft. we have quality control coring as part of the regular buttress operation. so the fremont street bridge, as i mentioned, was very successful over labor day. finished early. that is before friday. they have done preexcavation, identified the pge feeder we had to stay away from throughout the weekend and preassembled the bridge to the west side of fremont street and lower right hand picture. friday afternoon was demolition of fremont street and graded and the first picks were done early saturday. all the lifts were completed by the end of the day saturday.
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of course with paving and striping sunday that bridge was completed early. just to give you an idea of what it really looks like. there is a time lapse. that is before we started the demolition friday. now there is the street going away. it actually was completed about 4:00 on friday with fine grading going into the evening and more prep work. it starts to get dark here eventually. worked through the night on preparing the sub grade on where the bridge was placed. and early saturday morning they started the picks. most of the picks were done by two cranes so it had to be closely coordinated. you can see them placed in
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tandem to replace the bridge sections. the workers went to work on welding those two sections together. and the final place was about 5:00 saturday afternoon. the final piece went in. the welders worked on through the night. in order to prepare it for opening we also had to backfill on both sides. that took place partially saturday night overnight, as well as during the day sunday. early sunday morning they started paving. don't you wish all the highway construction projects could go this fast? this was taken from the transbay's mission street construction camera, if you are ever interested in checking out that section. has a great view on zone three and put together by
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mike on the tgpa team. traffic was flowing by the end of the day sunday. we have the utility work, auxiliary is underway. they had to tap into a power and control source on market street there in the sidewalk and had to reinstall that in order to create power and operating controls for that valve, that automated valve you see getting placed in the box there on the right. but that work continued, now they are on mission street and toward the home stretch on utilities. finally to give you an idea, this is the underside of the first street bridge, where they are reattaching utilities. the same will have to happen on the fremont street bridge as excavation continues but all these utilities get hung under the bridge, then the full excavation of the bay area can be completed. of course we had a special
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event. i think it was late july, early august. >> late july. >> late july when the governor came in and signed the hsr funding bill. that was a big event for the project. this is a budget. it remains within the budget. we remain within the budget with what's been committed to date on the construction packages. as i said there was 431,000 hours to date. 63% have been from bay area counties, local areas. gives you a breakdown here on where they are coming from. and this is a listing of the major trades on the project. as you heard earlier, the
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labors, operators and engineers are the bulk of the team. based on body count this is where we are trending. of course the carpenter's side would start going up and the cement masons and finishers when we start the sub work on the concrete. can i answer questions? >> thank you, directors. that concludes my report. thank you. >> at this time we will move to item 6, public comment. >> i have not received any indication a member of the public wants to address you on this item. >> is there anyone who would like to speak at public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> we will move into your consent calendar. >> all matters listed are considered routine, acted upon by a single vote no. separate discussion unless a member of the board or public so requests, in which event it will be removed, considered separate. drokers to i have not received indication a
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member of the public has something listed. >> anyone like to sever items on 7? >> seeing none, we will take a roller coaster. read the items into the record, items 7.1, approving minutes of june 14th, 2012 and item 7.2 authorizing executive director to execute amendment for agreements for stated a voe ka si with mercury and townseasoned public affairs for one year each and additional compensation of 102,000 and option to extend additional three years. we have a motion? >> motion to approve. >> second. >> motion and second. >> motion and second. director lloyd. >> aye. >> ruskin. >> aye. >> ortiz? >> aye. >> kim. >> kim aye as well, that is four ayes * and consent calendar is approved. >> next we have item eight. >> go ahead. authorizeding executive director to execute professional services agreement for legal services with bench of law enforcements consisting or
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weinberg err, shaw, student loan hold, nix and peabody, services within * practice areas on as-needed area for five-year terms, total compensation under bench agreement does not exceed 8 million. >> director sarah jalati will report on this item. >> directors th, is a proposed bench of law enforcements of maximum contribution of 8 million so work would be authorized for each and budget for each firm on an as-needed basis. we conducted an rfp process to solicit proposals from legal firms. we received 19 proposals. we short-listed ten and conducted interviews. the firms really broke out into four main practice areas. general counsel, construction counsel, labor and employment and public
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and private finance. following the interviews, the selection committee determined the four firms -- the four firms here should make up the bench. that is the recommendation. shup maholy and koun. shaw for construction. run haul labor and employment and nix and peabody private finance council. * >> i'm happy to answer questions. we have a representative from shop wine, stein shaw and nix and peabody if you have questions. * >> questions on this item? >> seeing none. >> roll call. >> a member of the public wanted to address. a motion? >> i will move. >> second. >> first and second. aye, ruskin, aye. ortiz, aye. kim? >> aye. >> that's four ayes.
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item eight is approved. >> recommending applicant to the citizens joint bay advisory committee. >> bob will report and i believe the applicant, mr. garcia is here with us. approximate >> thank you, board members. * we brought to you in may several applicants for the board of tgpa citizen's advisory committee. the board accepted recommendations on seven. for the seat of environmentalists, the desire was expressed to see what we could do with additional outreach to identify a deeper background for environmental issues and environmentalism. we re-advertised the position not only to our normal -- through our normal outlets but also doing specific outreach to environmental organizations including the cr club and san francisco department of environment.
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that outreach garnered four applications. one applicant did withdraw his application before we brought this item to you. in doing so endorsed the application of mr. garcia as well. so with that we are bringing mr. garcia's application to you with recommendation to appoint him to the environmental seat. if i can answer additional questions you may have. >> thank you, bob. i think being that the applicant is here maybe he can say a few words. i want to appreciate the additional outreach for the seat. i know we had expressed, you know, we wanted to see someone with a deeper set of work experience in environmentalism, so we really appreciate the additional outreach. i want to invite mr. garcia to say a few words to the board of directors.
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>> good morning. my name is mark garcia f i'm here from the greenlining institute in berkeley. * i want to take the time to appreciate you for inviting me in today. i have worked in los angeles and las vegas on environmental outreaches, saving the canyons in red rock to heal the bay in santa monica and areas like that. i saw this an opportunity to be part of my new place. i moved to the bay area in december so i have just started becoming acclimated but wanted to start giving back because it is a fantastic place. i saw this an opportunity to be part of the board and use the expertise and give that back to the project and be part of the action committee. i wanted to thank you. appreciate all you have given me. hopefully within the next few yearsly be able to give back and do everything i can to make the board have that extra facet of
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environment allism. >> thank you. >> motion. >> thank you for your willingness. we depend on our citizen's advisory committee and input. >> a member of the public wants to address you on that. director lloyd? >> aye. >> ruskin. >> aye. >> ortiz? >> aye. >> chair kim. >> aye. >> that is four ayes. item nine is approved. * >> can we please move to ten. >> approving changes to the small business enterprise program and disadvantaged business enterprise program, including anticipated db pa tis page level for reminder of the period of federal fiscal years * 2011-2013 and revising the draft adpl for public review, 45-day public comment process. >> the director sarah jalati will report on this item as well.
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>> good morning again, directors. * >> this item, there are three main components to this item. changes to the small business program, changes to the disadvantaged business enterprise program and proposed change to our dbe goal for fta funded contracts for reminder of the tri annual period. the fta office of several rights conducted a review of the program in the spring of this year, so this item is the result of the report coming out of that review. the changes to the small and disadvantaged business enterprise programs are really not -- they are just putting i want -- documenting practices we were already following. we had a dbe policy you have approved several times since it's been established in 2006. office of civil rights is
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really looking for agencies to have more of a dbe procedures manual, so the changes to the dbe and sbe plans are really just documenting. this is who we are going to advertise with, this is who we are going to outreach to, this is how we are going to conduct a shortfall and et cetera, et cetera. the two major changes are really that they directed that they not use the availability advisory percentage anymore for the dbe program. they believe that that gives the contracting community the impression that there's an enforceable dbe goal on contracts, so we have honored that directive and taken that out of the dbe plan, but we did note for fta we will still have enforceable goals on the small business side and we would be requiring contractors to meet those goals, or demonstrate good faith efforts to meet those goals.
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the second change the that since we have established our dbe program we have always reported our dbe participation based on all of our contracts. that is how we have calculated our goal for every period. that is how we have always submitted our goal. our goal has always been approved. following the review they stated they want to see the goal based just on fta funded contracts. that's really because they've got two different systems. they have a federal draw-down system and they have a reporting system. they want to be able to look and see how much money you are drawing down and match that to what is in your participation report. very understandable from their point of view. we want to continue to have participation regardless of the funding source so we can continue to track against our original 18.5% goal across all of our contracts, but we have
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recalculated the goal based just on what is funded in whole or in part by fta. that results in a revised goal of 8.3% for the remainder through september 30th, 2013. under dbe regulation we have to put the goal out for a 45-day public comment period. we will be circulating it in all the papers listed in the dbe plan. we will be sending it out to -- we have a list of over 100 bay area chambers of commerce, minority chambers, small business chambers, et cetera, circulating it to all of your agencies, as well as our other stake holders and partners for comment. and bring it back to you in november for final approval, incorporating any comments we may receive. i'm happy to answer any questions you have on the item. >> we do have a question from --
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>> so in looking at your names of the publications, i'm not familiar. are there any african-american publications? >> yes. the san francisco bay view is an african-american. >> you mentioned the claim befores of commerce are included in this. >> yes. >> now is this section regarding financial institutions, is that new or have they always been there? >> it's always been there. this is where they wanted more detail. the dbe regulation says guarantees shall encourage use of minority owned institutions. the federal reserve publishes a list of minority owned financial institutions in every area. whenever we have needed banking services we have looked at that list and solicited from that list. in san francisco i believe it is bank of guam, metro
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bank. there are a couple of others. this year in response to their comments we have just inserted into the plan that this is where the list is. we will look at it and encourage our contractors to seek proposals from those banks as well. >> so is the fta expecting tgpa to report which minority institutions of use or -- >> no, they wanted to see how are we following the regulation which says you shall encourage the use of minority institutions. they just wanted that detail. okay. how are you encouraging the use of minority institutions. now we have just added two to three sentences to explain how we are doing that. >> director ruskin.
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>> thank you. a well-written report. it surprised me they are discouraging things. seems like the opposite direction. if that is the requirement, so be it. my question was -- also surprising that they want the goal calculation to be on the federal contracts. * the question is in the big picture how much of the work roughly on a percentage basis is projected to be fta funded and -- i was also surprising percentage based on the calculation of the ft funded work would be less than half of the overall. do we know what's underlying that? >> yes. it is a reflection of what we use our fta grants for. we use those very much and largely for administrative and professional service type opportunities. we don't use fta funds on
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any construction. they are actually not eligible. fta grants are not to be used for construction. so it is public relations, legal work. there's not a lot of participation on the contacts. >> all right. thank you. >> just a quick question just in terms of process moving forward. what is the schedule now for the 30-day pub look review and 45-day public comment period sm >> assuming your approval, the 30 days would start today or tomorrow. so that would go through october. it is interesting. a 30 day review period but 45 for comment. both would start today, the 45 days would be through october 29th. that is why we would bring it to the november board meeting rather than the october board meeting.
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>> also i'm not family with china press. is that a trade publication? >> i believe so. there's a media -- i want to say conglomerate. that is not really the right word when we are talking about such small papers, but it covers the philippine news, china press and a few others. advertising with one covers all of them. we are actually -- it was a very small additional amount to have the ad translated to all the different languages so we are doing that. >> i would just encourage you to do sing tao and world journal. their penetration in the chinese community is much larger. that is just one. >> okay. >> i wasn't sure if china press was included because it was a trade publication. >> are there any other


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